Moorooka's trusted architecture firm

Moorooka's trusted architecture firm

Start planning your dream house today

Russell Hall Architects Pty Ltd has long been Moorooka's number-one choice in architecture firm. Our commitment to attention to detail, and realising our clients' visions, has enabled us to expand into the well-established firm we have today.

Whatever your project, you can trust Russell Hall Architects Pty Ltd to not only bring your project to life, but also imbue your dream with stylish and contemporary design.


Moorooka's Russell Hall Architects Pty Ltd provides a number of architecture firm services:

  • Residential design
  • Commercial desgin
  • Heritage and sustainability experts

From small-scale renovation, to large property development, trust Russell Hall Architects Pty Ltd to plan your project to the letter, with contemporary and innovative design.

Our team

Our Moorooka-based architecture firm houses a number of different specialists. We have residential design architects, commercial project managers, and heritage consultants. 

In addition to our general architectural services, our team boasts a number of designers with specialist sustainability knowledge.

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